Quality management services and consultations

Quality management is very important part of activities to many companies. To stay in competition, must both companies who work for internal market or export  offer products with high quality and guarantee stable and transparent processes.  Quality management system which is certified by  ISO quality standards will give important advantage in competition for many enterprises.

Having worked more than 10 years on a quality manager position, can I offer following services:

  • Quality manager services:
    • Keeping existing quality management sysem up-to-date;
    • Preparing audits, conducting internal audits;
    • Inspection of incoming and outgoing goods, preparing and handling reclamations;
    • Writing work instructions;
    • Supervising and evaluating work processes.
  •  Quality Systems management:
    • Renewing QMS according to new versions of standards;
    • Keeping documentation up-to-date;
    • Making action plans;
    • Preparing audits;
    • Follow-up activities after audits.
  • Preparing plan of internal audits and conducting them, together with follow-up activities;
  • ISO 9001 and/or  14001 quality management system creation:
    • Making project timetable;
    • Training for management and workers;
    • Creating documentation:
    • Creating Quality management handbook;
    • Help in creation f quality policy and quality targets;
    • Making process descriptions and instructions;
    • Conducting system internal audit;
    • In case of noncompliances in certification audit help with follow-up activities.

If You have different needs, pleas take contact with us! We will search together solutions You need.